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Sebastian Tantra. Massages Sexual Terapy Yoga


 Sebastián Tantra Madrid offers you various ways for your personal development, your self-inquiry and the exploring your potential, at all levels.

Particularizing the free and complete development of your body and its Sexuality so that it is healthier, open, conscious, loving and responsible. Which will open you to the infinite possibilities that life has for you, as a unique and special being.

Daily attention. By appointment. In person at my space or at the hotel and home.

PROMOTION: ONLINE consultations, therapies and workshops via SKYPE or WhatsApp €20



• With me you can discover, in a safe, private and practical way, various resources to apply in yourPersonal life or with your Couple in an integrated and effective way. Enhancing and improving your Sexuality and Consciousness.

• Counting at all times on assistance in Individual Sessions or with your Couple,

Completely Personalized, in my studio or at yur hotel's or home.

I also offerSex Therapy,Workshops and Tutoring via Skype for those who cannot come in person.

• The Sessions are designed for all people who want to come and live the experience and are adapted to each person alone or with their partner.

To common comfort and congruence, previously agreeing on the limits and scope of the proposed practices.

•There are specific workshops for the Collective of​ Gay, Flexible Straight, Bisexual, Transgender or Sexually Diverse Men.

•Workshops for  Couples.​

•WorkshopsTantra Kriya Yoga

•WorkshopsArt and Consciousness

•Workshops and TherapiesMassage and Consciousness

I also offer you a complete service ofComprehensive Massage, Therapeutic or Tantric.


Born in Mexico, I've emigrated to Spain in 2002.

In my country I was trained as a Visual Artist for ten years. In Spain I was trained as an actor for five more years.

Parallel to my training as an actor and due to the physical demands of my work, I approached body disciplines and therapies, such as yoga, pilates, bioenergetics, shiatsu, Tantra and conscious sexuality, which have helped me on a personal and professional level.

I have also been a comprehensive massage therapist for fiftteen years. With all this I create my own way of working in individual, couples and group therapies.

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