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Tantra massage gives you the possibility to expand your horizon through the theme of sexuality and spirituality, making this pair of terms unify in an act of physical contact very different from what is known and this activity allows you to relate bodies, creating links between souls that cross each other in a pleasant and warm environment.

All you need to know about Tantra 

We are talking about a totally different experience, another vision, another world in the field of eroticism and sexuality, making your senses more sensitive, raising the levels of pleasure, opening the mind, exploring other methods and finally providing spiritual peace, which is the purpose of our professional team in each session.

You should know that in Contacto y Consciencia Tantra in Barcelona you will find the best masseur, who will guide you and/or interact with you so that you can enjoy and realize those desires that go far beyond genital contact, reaching spiritual levels never imagined.

Sex is a sacred term found within the Tantra culture,  has been evolving when applying techniques to ensure a more pleasant, relaxing and impacting result. Our goal is to make a mark on our clients, giving them another perspective on their sexual routines.

How does tantra influence a couple’s sexual health?

People get satisfied after Tantric massage

Preliminaries will never be so special, as Tantra will show you that there is a whole world to discover with your partner. It is believed that this activity is best undertaken alone, however, it may be a much more interesting experience to include your partner.
Let us remember that Tantra is a millennial western technique whose premise is based on the exchange of sensations, where sexuality is embraced through breathing, the segregation of feelings and a state of absolute concentration, which will make every movement, sound or touch, the most spectacular sensation you have ever imagined.
You will be able to taste the journey you were waiting for in the erotic-sexual environment in the company of your soul mate and of course, surrounded by a totally intimate atmosphere, full of sensual smells and with one or two masseurs who will help you to initiate this type of massage.

Tantra for sexual health between partners

This is an experience that will provide the couple with a series of changes and benefits in sexual health, as once the pleasures of Tantra are discovered, the door will be opened to an unknown dimension.
Sexual rejuvenation and creating an atmosphere of vitality between the couple is possible through a spiritual connection, where one breathes eroticism and forgets the negative, giving space to the activation of emotions and fantasies never lived before, enriching both your sexual and personal life.

Take care of your sexual health

This goes beyond a simple erotic massage, it is about the unification of body and mind, bringing out the most intimate desires of the couple, achieving a maximum level of satisfaction in each erotic act, so it is time to break with the traditional and burst into the world of Tantra through a group of highly qualified professionals and has the most complete knowledge of the Tantra culture.
We are waiting for you…

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